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Zima Zsófia

We started working together with Gabi, and Peerformance 6 years ago. My personal experience is that she is passionate and enthusiastic whenever we settle a new project. Her positive dynamics sticks to my team, she can always integrate quickly. On our workshops she always knows when and what to ask to reach the peak of …

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Norbert Magyar

My first experience working with Gabriella dates back to 2014 with a completely different environment (those days working for a large scale, multinational behemoth) but I remembered that she used to have a tremendous amount of deep background knowledge and flexibility around how to provide the solution that best suits to the respective needs of …

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Kemény Dénes

One of the mayor keys of success is the balance of the team and the individuals. We should call forth the greatest potential from everyone. Our joined project with Gabriella was mapping my team individually and team-wise too, this process contributed to our strategic construction in the preparations process. The team’s psychologist and Gabriella’s assessments …

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Ingrid Toonekurg

There are some things that come into your life and stay there. One of such positive things is the understanding about the people around us, that I and my Team got through the workshops and connection with Gabriella and Peerformance. Through the interaction and analysis we got so much insight into who we are, who …

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Dorota Duszynska

At Bonduelle Polska we use the TTI testing and Peerformance methodology since 2015 for all HR cases: recruitment, development & talent management. Our management staff and employees find this solution as a helpful, supportive tool to take all important decisions in terms of career management & personal development. We all use the DISC “colours” in our …

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Demény Soma

Peerformance has helped us make complex assessments for our employees during development centers and important career moves. These assessments then turned into valuable feedback and a smooth opening to a continuous dialogue between our talents and their managers/coaches. The understanding and the clear structure of the indicators lighten the conversation to less experienced managers and …

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Anna Hale

Gabi, Peerformance and the TTI SI assessments were fundamental in helping us build a brand new regional marketing team with a new scope and a new way of working. Through the power of the assessments, we were able to quickly understand ourselves and each other’s drivers and motivations and fast track the ‘getting to know …

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Andrzej Borczyk

Working with Gabi helped me better understand my profile and preferences. Doing that for my team moved our teamwork and efficiency on next level.