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Internationally recognized HR accreditation

Designed for organizational HR specialists,our accreditation gives insights to the world of online assessments. The process takes place in blended-learning tools, so participants can experience and learn through practice-oriented steps, both online and offline. The purpose of the training : learning about work-specialized assessment tools, their use and the development of organizational strategies, processes and solutions based on it.

Organizational Development

With the assessment based organizational diagnosis we support our customers in work efficiency, smooth problemsolving and re-designing

Assessment-based organizational and talent mapping

Selection, development, talent managemegent based on the assessment system and methodology objectivize and makes the organizational and individual success factors visible, comparing the individual talent. Thus, following the analyzis we can find answer for your questions regarding the selection, development, performance and efficiency, talent management, individual and organizational support.

Solutions based on this strategy

As a strategic partner, our mission is to support and increase the success factor in both business and personal life. The key activities of our performance are assessment based. In our projects, expertise and practice of organizational psychology assessments combined with the use of the profit-target-strategy in threes; emphasizing knowledge and conscious management of organizational, team and individual success criteria.


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