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Is this familiar?

How can I help them?

Am I good enough for the position?

What am I doing wrong?

How shall I change this?

Do I know my team?

Many people face these issues in their everyday work-life, in fact we have a ready solution for these listed, and many other potential probems.

How can we help you?

Selection, development, talent managemegent based on the assessment system and methodology objectivize and makes the organizational and individual success factors visible, comparing the individual talent. Thus, following the analyzis we can find answer for your questions regarding the selection, development, performance and efficiency, talent management, individual and organizational support.
As a strategic partner, our mission is to support and increase the success factor in both business and personal life. The key activities of our performance are assessment based. In our projects, expertise and practice of organizational psychology assessments combined with the use of the profit-target-strategy in threes; emphasizing knowledge and conscious management of organizational, team and individual success criteria.
Individual Talent Mapping, exploring organizational and personal ambition, with a personalized toolbar helps managers and decision-makers in reaching their individual and organizational goals. The reconnaisance and implementation of targets and work-life balance arising outside the workplace, are an important parts of our process too.
If an organization and the leader helps the team members to improve their performance and their quality of life, it will result in positive return for the organization. The assessment discovers the effective and ineffective habits of the team, and provides an opportunity for rethinking and optimizing. During a team support process with the assessment tools, we provide solutions through development strategies for conscious business and personal challenges. For this you need to identify and raise awareness, intorduce the participants to their talents, team and organizational capabilities, limitations, and motives.
The assessment based solutions increase efficiency and the return of investment by identifying the resources and the strategic success factors. The strengths, values, internal resources, and areas for multi-level exploration are supported by an organization-specific methodology.
Successful organizations see the importance of fullfilling the needs of their customers and employees. The organizational assessments are diagnostic tools, that are necessary to help determine the direction of development, exploe the areas in necessity of management / HR interventions, for even higher employee and customer satisfaction and commitment. It aims to reduce employee turnover and strenghten the retention.
Only a few from our many services and method.

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